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Drawing from the civil society, and regardless of any political or ideological label, The Alterna Forum is intended to be a laboratory of ideas and proposals to promote the establishment and maintenance of quality employment.

The economic crisis that began in 2008 has highlighted the weaknesses of the Spanish labor model. During these years, Spain has destroyed more jobs, and has done so much more quickly than the major European economies.

From ALTERNA FORUM thought, next to political, give voice to the experts, those who truly understand of matter, to teach their proposals and, together, we get correct course returning to Spain at the level of welfare and prosperity rightful


· The ALTERNA FORUM was created free and independent of any political or ideological affiliation.


· The ALTERNA FORUM will be financed by contributions from those organizations that wish to sponsor it. 


· The ALTERNA FORUM was formed in the creative spirit, born to raise new and imaginative proposals on each topic discussed (not     to criticize or belittle existing ideas or proposals).


· Any expert who has something new to contribute has a place at ALTERNA FORUM


· ALTERNA FORUM proposals will be collected and classified by topics in a web format created for the purpose of public access.


· The ALTERNA FORUM was born as a private entity and nonprofit and is governed by its own statutes and laws applicable to such entities.


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